The Benefits of Music Lessons


Study after study confirms that young children who take piano lessons not only improve their coordination, they learn how to concentrate better too, improving reading scores, enhancing their memory skills and increasing their confidence levels. Dr. Frances Rauscher and Dr. Gordon Shaw found that piano instruction improved abstract reasoning skills and special-temporal ability in young children. UCI neurologist Gordon Shaw explains:

“Music is not just notes. It’s patterns of notes and relationships between notes that you see as you play… and like in a chess game, you have to be able to see quite a bit ahead to play.”

Research into the benefits of piano lessons for children found that 3 and 4-year-olds who were given weekly piano lessons for a year had improved their puzzle-solving skill by 34 percent over groups who were given singing lessons, computer lessons, or specific instruction at all.

Even after just a few years of musical education when young, adults were found to perform better on some cognitive tests than those who had never studied music.

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